Short-run CD/DVD duplication

Short-run CD/DVD duplication is used to produce in low quantities. Short-run duplication is usually ordered in numbers of 1000 or less. Using short-run duplication and standard packaging, you can increase your production times and order the right quantity when you need them, decreasing the inventory holding costs and/or redundant inventory. Most short-run orders ship within three business days or less.

Data Bridge Digital provides high quality CD-R and DVD-R duplication with strict quality control systems. We use only the proven highest quality media and duplication systems. Our CD-R and DVD-R duplication services have a proven track record for reliability and quality as good as replicated media.

When requested we can also supply replicated (molded with glass master) CDs and DVDs.

CD-ROM/DVD Replication  

With the support of world class manufacturing facilities, Data Bridge provides state-of-the-art CD/DVD replication services. Whether you are a seasoned purchaser of optical media replication or just learning your way, we can simplify the manufacturing process and answer all of your questions.

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Photorealistic digital-direct-to-disc printing  

The next generation of CD/DVD direct-to-disc printing is here. Data Bridge Digital features full colour, magazine-quality printing, and a durable UV protected finish, ensuring vibrant colors throughout the life of a disc. Digital-direct-to-disc print is a revolution in the disc media industry and we're committed to making available the best options for making your media project a success.

With its magazine-quality printing, photo-realistic colour, resolution that exceeds traditional ink-jet or screen printing methods, and its industry leading durable printed surface; your CDs/DVDs will truly shine.

This technology is not based on using water based inks, you will never see a smeared disc image. Your disc images also won't scratch off, you'll ruin the disc before you can scratch the surface of the disc. This enables discs to be used for commercial distribution because our printed discs can withstand the rigors of day-to-day consumer handling.

Our direct-to-disc digital technology enables clients to incorporate some of the following advantages to the disc face.

  • Serialization
  • Bar codes
  • Personalization
  • I.D codes
If quick production turn around times are essential to your business. We can produce your discs in as little as 3 business days or sooner! Unparalleled image quality printed CDs/DVDs, No minimum order quantities, now, all clients who need 10 or 10,000 units can all enjoy the benefits of going digital-direct-to-disc. For additional information on this industry-leading service and to discover the best solution that is right for your project contact a Data Bridge product Specialist.
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