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EDD-Electronic Data Delivery

Delivering software to the end-user, patches to remote offices, bug fixes to your customers. The need for high speed secure distribution has never been more pressing. We provide global high speed distribution for all of your data distribution requirements. We can distribute to named users (either with or without log on id and passwords), broadcast through either e-mail or document from your web site or ours without using up your bandwidth and infrastructure resources.

Data Bridge Digital can supply your custom data distribution needs while reducing your server, administration and bandwidth requirements.

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Keep Your Integrity
With Us:
Intellectual Property
Rights Protection

Data Bridge Digital participates in
an Anti-Piracy compliance process, which protects the rights owners from the unauthorized distribution and duplication of their data content.

We take pride in being the industry’s foremost experts in the optical media solutions. We’ve put our many years of knowledge and expertise into giving you the best solution and customer experience.

Expect more with
Data Bridge Digital!

Welcome to Data Bridge Digital
Providing Electronic DATA Distribution – (EDD)


No More CDs/DVDs-We Have An Alternative Solution

We offer customers an alternative. Using our Electronic DATA Distribution (EDD) solution. We provide customers the ability to convert from physical CDs/DVDs to Internet distribution. Most customers have no other alternative, as they are too small to have the web-based infrastructure required to successfully distribute their products electronically and securely.

EDD- Inspirational Communication

The Data Bridge Digital Advantage

Data Bridge Digital has been providing reliable, quality media services for many years. Let us take you and your customers to the next stage in distributing your products and services.

Electronic Data Distribution (EDD) is quickly becoming the distribution method of choice for most large software companies, but EDD comes at significant costs in either internal infrastructure or third party services. Data Bridge Digital can help you realize all of the benefits of EDD. We provide the latest in ultra high speed, global, secure technology to get your product to your customer in the fastest and most cost effective way. We can do this without the infrastructure commitment in costs to get you started in EDD straight away. We do this without affecting your infrastructure or compromising your security.

Best of all, Data Bridge Digital can continue to provide you with the same reliable physical media services you are accustomed to while you migrate to Electronic Data Distribution. We believe that we can enhance your process-to-market and your customers’ experience. We are the proven leader to provide you with one, all, or a combination of any of the following delivery methods:

Download without worry - Turn-key download capabilities for your software package or data. We provide you and your customers with a scalable, reliable download service. Our customizable solution combined with our expertise and reputation allows customers from all over the world to access, purchase, and download your software or data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us show you just how simple and cost effective this service can be...

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Rich Media Delivery(Streaming Video) - Millions of people turn
to the internet on a daily basis to learn, do business, and to be entertained. It does not matter if you are looking to stream High Definition video, or just want to have documents available for consumption on the Web, we can help you get your media or solution onto the screens of users all over the world.

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Publish once. Distribute everywhere - The use of mobile devices and media is exploding. If you are not making your content, software, sales collateral and data available to mobile users, then you may be missing out on a massive revenue opportunity. We help you deliver your solution to your customers in the way that they would like to receive it. Give us the opportunity to show you how easy and cost-effective it is to open up this new revenue stream for your company.

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Physical Media Distribution - For your customers who want to receive a CD or DVD with your software or data solution, there is no better option than Data Bridge Digital. Our business has been built upon providing the most reliable, on-time physical media creation and duplication service. Contact us today to find out how we can help you cost-effectively satisfy your clients who want to get your product or solution in a professionally created media package.


You Are In Control


No More CD/DVDs

With Data Bridge Digital, you control the way your software and data is delivered. For electronic delivery, you set the access criteria necessary. You can even build in the checks and balances which limit distribution by count, date, and user specific requirements such as username and password.

I Still Need CDs/DVDs

For physical media, you tell us what you need and we deliver. Data Bridge Digital provides a solution that enables organizations to offer customers personalized burn-on-demand CDs & DVDs of the brochures, videos files, reports etc. they just purchased or simply request as additional information. These solutions help organizations reduce waste of traditional paper products that become “out of date” and costly to mail.

The bottom line is that we can help you reliably deliver your solution to existing customers, and also help you gain new ones with greater reach and exposure. You control your business goals, and Data Bridge Digital can provide you with the right combination of delivery methods to help you achieve those goals.


Technology Partners
The company we keep


Teaming with technology partners to deliver world-class online distribution solutions

Data Bridge Digital and its Technology Partners work together to utilize Internet technology to create feature-enhanced products that enable customers to quickly and easily leverage e-business infrastructure services and provide joint, industry-leading solutions for distributed content and application delivery.

Using our industry resources you will always experience today’s best technology.

Contact a representative at 613-836-6010 or email us at to explain your requirements.

Thank you for your interest in Data Bridge Digital's services. We look forward to servicing your needs.

Electronic Data Delivery
Keep it Digital


Internet traffic conditions and high loads can dramatically impact software download speed and reliability. Furthermore, surges in traffic from product launches or distribution of security updates can overwhelm traditional software delivery infrastructure, impacting Web site performance and causing users to be unable to download software. In areas of the world with a less developed Internet infrastructure, or poor connectivity to the download servers, performance may degrade significantly, making it difficult to win and keep customers in new markets. Traditional solutions to these problems clearly present major difficulties, including high costs, insufficient capacity, poor performance, and poor business intelligence.

Data Bridge Digital's Electronic Data Delivery leverages the power of globally distributed performance servers to provide capacity for the largest surges in traffic. The result? Lower costs, higher adoption for electronic software delivery, successful product launches and an improved customer experience.

Electronic Data Delivery: Benefits to Businesses

Cost Savings — Data Bridge Digital offers a fully-managed, cost-effective EDD solution based on a pay-per-use model, so customers do not have to build out and manage complex infrastructure that may go largely under-utilized.

Scalability — Data Bridge Digital's Electronic Data Delivery solution is highly scalable, enabling rates of hundreds of Mbps or Gbps of throughput without costly provisioning or planning by customers.

Performance — By alleviating performance bottlenecks—particularly for international users—we help customers improve download completion rates. The result is an increase in revenue for evaluation products, along with increased adoption of Electronic Data Delivery overall.

Reporting — Data Bridge Digital offers a sophisticated set of reporting tools that enables data publishers to track completed downloads and download completion rate by URL and country.

How it Works:

Data Bridge Digital's Electronic Data Delivery creates an environment where secure, on demand capacity is available to accommodate any type of data download via the Internet efficiently, measurably and reliably.

Who can benefit:

• Businesses and/or organizations that currently distribute data information using physical media i.e. CDs/DVDs

• Businesses and/or organizations that currently distribute data information using the web, but find the lack of reporting methods and continuous increases in technology infrastructure costs to be affecting the core business focus.

• Start-up businesses and/or organizations that want to take advantage of a scalable distribution method to allow them to grow on an as needed basis and keep costs down.