Disc Stakka ™ CD & DVD Manager

A truly efficient, simple and cost effective solution for managing your discs.

The Imation Disc Stakka CD & DVD Manager is a powerful hardware and software solution that provides all of the tools you need to protect your discs and manage the files they contain. Each USB-powered Disc Stakka unit holds up to 100 discs, and is easily scalable to over 50,000 discs. The solution software provides you with "virtually online" access to your CDs and DVDs, and enables you to locate and access any disc or file within seconds. This solution is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and helps to save precious time by delivering the file or disc you need, when you need it.

The Disc Stakka unit comes bundled with the OpdiTracker™ content management software, which includes a database and powerful search engine. Need a file? OpdiTracker software delivers the right disc in seconds! You can browse the discs and files stored in the OpdiTracker database "virtually online" in the same way as you browse the folders and files stored on your computer's drives. Or you can take advantage of the OpdiTracker software search engine to locate any disc or file within seconds. Once located, you can eject the disc that contains the content you require, then insert that disc into your computer, CD or DVD player, or game console.

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Technology world leader

Imation is the world's leading provider of removable data storage products designed to help customers create, protect, and retrieve valuable digital assets. With more than 50 years advancing the performance of removable data storage media formats, Imation is the only developer and manufacturer in this industry with the technology, partnerships, and vision to lead the industry into the future. With a sole focus on removable data media, we develop, manufacture, and sell premium optical and magnetic media technologies to businesses and people who want to capture, create, protect and preserve their digital information. Data Bridge Digital is a value-added reseller and supports the Imation Disc Stakka CD & DVD managment solution.

For additional information on this industry-leading product and to discover the best solution that is right for your environment contact a Data Bridge Digital product Specialist. 613-836-6010 or by email at sales@databridgedigital.com

Case Studies

Please feel free to download the case studies available below in PDF format. See how others have discovered the advantage of the Disc Stakka CD & DVD managment system.

Hassle free and a perfect fit-
we always make it easy!


The Disc Stakka system is designed to be easy to set up and operate, but if you need help with installation, take advantage of our hassle-free installation support service. A Data Bridge Digital technician will install your new CD & DVD storage system at your location. We’ll also answer your questions about your new disc storage unit so you can take full advantage of its capabilities.

Other advantages are as follows:

  • Confidence the system is installed properly and a perfect fit
  • Tips on "standardization" when storing your CDs and DVDs
  • On-site “how to” demonstration
  • “Out-of-the-box” guarantee- hardware problems, we’ll replace it, next day

It’s Simple! To take advantage of this hassle-free support service, contact your Data Bridge Digital representative at 613.836-6010 today, or contact us online at: sales@databridgedigital.com

Parts Optimization Services -
cataloguing services - begin with a process that works

Data Bridge Digital offers cataloguing services that help customers standardize, enrich and maintain their CD/DVD media database also know as “media Library”. These services range from simply data entry services too identifying potentially duplicative inventory too verifying and enriching data on an item-by-item basis.

When companies need to concentrate on their core business, they need to outsource their back-office operations to a reliable partner. We offer back office solutions in data, graphics and image management to clients who seek to outsource cost-effective and efficient services to manage their CD/DVD Libraries on an on-going basis.

We have expertise in the storing of data masters.  We seek to add value to your CD/DVD media library and make it structured by converting into an electronic database format that is easy to use and creates efficiencies. Our data management services are customizable to suit your specific business needs large or small.