Regulatory compliance, Legal Discovery and
Simply good Business Practice


ComplianceVault™ - Email Archiving Appliance Powered by Imation™ technology

The Imation ComplianceVault Archiving Appliance is a completely integrated all-in-one hardware / software email archiving appliance. It indexes and archives all of a company's email from virtually any IMAP/POP3-based email system on a continuous basis, from virtually an unlimited number of mailboxes. A simple but powerful user interface allows for extensive search and audit capabilities.

Unlike other solutions requiring ongoing per-user license fees and software maintenance costs, the Imation ComplianceVault solution features a low, one-time investment. It offers the hard disk drive capacity ranges, tape format choices, and price points that perfectly fit the needs of small and midsize businesses - whether you're looking for an email archiving solution for regulatory compliance, legal discovery (e-discovery), or simply good business practices.


The unique Imation solution includes:

  1. Intel server platform with embedded Intradyn ComplianceVault software
  2. A choice of hard disk drive capacities (320GB, 500GB, 800GB, or 1TB capacity options), combined with multiple tape autoloader options from Exabyte (VXA-2, VXA-320, LTO-2, or LTO-3)

Imation ComplianceVault Solution Features:
Archive, search, retrieve, audit, and encrypt.

  • Complete solution - includes 1U server platform, hard disk drives, tape autoloader, application software, graphical user interface, Ethernet 10/100/1000 networking, 110/220 volt AC power, rack mount rail kits, cables, and technical support. No additional per-user costs, license costs, software maintenance costs, or other ongoing costs (other than removable media).
  • Unique compatibility - comes with customer's choice of Exabyte VXA-2, VXA-320, Ultrium™ LTO-2, or Ultrium™ LTO-3 tape autoloaders - based on award-winning and widely adopted technologies. WORM capability is available with the Ultrium™ LTO-3 solution option, for regulatory compliance requiring write-once, read-many (non-alterable) media.
  • Easy to install, easy to operate - sets up in minutes
  • Easy-to-use interface - featuring simple navigation, clean design, and drop-down menus.
  • Robust search capabilities - including wildcard searches, fuzzy searches, proximity searches, and range searches
  • Extensive audit features - for better audit reporting and control.
  • Encryption - the appliance provides the option of tape encryption, to safeguard tapes from data theft or loss.

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