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Archival Appliances- Simply good Business Practice

With the increase in transfer of information by email resulting in litigation cases  Data Bridge Digital offers the ability to backup and archive emails and other critical data on DVDs or tape back-up with two solutions that may help build your case. Whatever your environment requires, with the ability to find those lost or specific emails can be achieved in seconds with confidence.
Email Archival and Backup on Optical media
Introducing OptiVault from Primera

OptiVault is a new archival appliance that backs up and quickly recovers all emails that are sent, received or deleted through Microsoft Exchange, including attachments. It operates unobtrusively in the background of your Exchange server, reliably backing up all emails on optical media.



Regulatory compliance, Legal Discovery and Simply good Business Practice
ComplianceVault™ - Email Archiving Appliance Powered by Imation™ technology

The Imation ComplianceVault Archiving Appliance is a completely integrated all-in-one hardware / software email archiving appliance. It indexes and archives all of a company's email from virtually any IMAP/POP3-based email system on a continuous basis, from virtually an unlimited number of mailboxes. A simple but powerful user interface allows for extensive search and audit capabilities.


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