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Data Bridge Digital is positioned to be the leader in the media services industry. By creating five distinct service areas short-run CD/DVD duplication, blank media and related packaging supplies, duplication/printer equipment sales, media storage solutions and Electronic Software Distribution all areas that provides a solution on their own and at the same time compliments the other. The 12 years of professional experience in this industry allows us the ability to offer the “best-solutions approach" available on the market today to customers locally in Ottawa, Canada as well as throughout North America.

Our goal is to become the preferred vender for everything related CD and DVD.  We plan on achieving this goal by establishing the highest of quality standards, the most reliable in customer care with outstanding product and service offerings.

Data Bridge Digital, the complete media solutions provider. Our strength lies in our diversity and technical knowledge. Providing a full suite of optical media products and services enables us to help our customers get the job done right the first time.

As a result several experienced industry professionals that saw a need for a complete media solutions provider founded Data Bridge Digital. Our strength lies in our diversity and technical knowledge. Providing a full suite of optical media products and services enables us to help our customers get the job done right the first time.

Customer Support  

Support is an extremely important issue when dealing with media production, and ours is among the best in the industry. Our team continually finds the most effective solutions available, meeting deadlines, and delivering a quality product.

Many of our clients utilize our experience in media project management so they can allocate overhead dollars to sales and marketing where they can generate more value for their company. The Data Bridge project manager allows you to focus on what is important in your organization rather than worry about day-to-day details of your product.

  • Did the designer get all the right templates
  • Were the proofs approved for production
  • Are all the work orders complete and accurate for production
  • Will all the components arrive on time
  • Is the product assembled correctly
  • Who is shipping the product, etc…etc…etc

All projects require communication, but it is the efficiency and our experience that our clients appreciate.

Data Bridge Digital at work  

We have developed a working environment that encourages communication, freethinking, creativity, and an open exchange of ideas. Each individual working at Data Bridge Digital is an important part of our team, and anyone with drive and ambition can succeed. We provide a relaxed, open environment and a cooperative team atmosphere.

Our company disciplines- our level of commitment — to our customers, our work and ourselves

  • The way we treat each other
  • The way we communicate with our clients
  • The goals we want to accomplish together

Your co-workers must rely on you to …

  • Work closely with clients to understand and anticipate their needs
  • Respond to clients with world-class service based on a pro-active approach
  • Pursue change to continually improve customer value
  • Maintain the security of client information and ensure their trust in us
  • Deliver on our commitments to all stakeholders
  • Encourage employee innovation, initiative, and appropriate risk-taking
  • Foster a work environment that attracts, motivates, and retains high-caliber employees
  • Respect staff, clients, and business partners
  • Work cooperatively for the sake of our clients and ahead of internal differences
  • Measure our progress
  • Conduct our business with the highest level of ethics and integrity
  • Strive for excellence in all you do

Understand what we will not do.

We will never...

  • Ignore profit
  • Dismiss ideas from any source without consideration
  • Over promise and under deliver
  • Violate the trust of clients, their clients, business partners, staff, or shareholders
  • Allow any abuse in the work environment including harassment or discrimination of any kind

It's our daily commitment to our principles that enables us to fulfill our purpose as an organization.

If you feel that you can become a great asset to our team please submit your resume to the following web address: HR@databridgedigital.com. No faxes or phone calls please.

It is important that you know…